On occasion we check in on horse trainer stats to get a feel of who’s currently top of the pile. Of course as with any sport, people go through runs of good and bad form, and with that in mind it pays to both evaluate and re-evaluate every now and again. Whole websites are dedicated to horse, jockey and trainer form (wins, places etc) and eager punters often have favourite horse trainers that they like to follow, much in the same way that some casino fans have a favourite number that they stick with come what may! Yes, I’m looking at you, Online Casino Deutschland fans!

Trainer stats are typically split into two easy to understand categories, UK flat trainer stats, and Jump trainer stats. These are self explanatory, though it must be said that some trainers train both types of horse – they may special in national hunt (jump) racing for instance, but also race horses over the flat, and vice versa. The size of a training yard factors in too, how big the operation is, as well as how long the trainer has been involved in the sport of racing.  Some horse trainers like Mark Johnson have been involved in the sport for over 30 years and as such have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and connections when compared to their minnow rivals. Indeed  late last year Johnson became the most successful trainer in Britain when he saddled his  4,194th winner.

So while Mark Johnson has been ruling the flat trainer roost in the long run, who’s been top of the pile this season? Well it’s currently Mick Appleby with 20 wins and 36 places from 134 runs. And over the jumps? Dan Skelton is currently top of the table with 425 wins and 923 places from 2236 runs. Nicky Henderson is hot on his heels with 410 wins. Predictably big numbers from these top tier trainers.

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